Thursday, September 22

Location: Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, Gent – Room: Rector Blancquaert


10.00                          Registration and coffee


10.45                          Opening
[Youri Desplenter, Ghent University]


11.00                          Session 1: Authorial Identity and Generical Instability

Catherine Sanok, University of Michigan

Lives of a medieval writer: Authorial identity and the multipart form of the legendary

Lydia Wegener, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

‘Dis buech genant der Nider…’ ; Johannes Nider’s sermons in 15th-century manuscripts

[Chair: Jeroen Deploige, Ghent University; 25-30’/speaker – 15′ questions]


12.15                          Lunch


13.30                          Session 2: Concepts & Construction of Authorship

Paul Wackers, Utrecht University

Names of authors and signals of authority in Middle Dutch texts

Mark Aussems, Utrecht

Scribe Scene Investigation: the Case of Christine de Pizan

Jeroen De Gussem, Ghent University

Collaborative authorship in twelfth-century Latin; a stylometric approach to

gender, synergy and authority

[Chair: Thom Mertens, University of Antwerp; 25-30’/speaker – 25′ questions]


15.25                          Coffee break


16.00                          Brainstorm: Publication of the conference contributions

[Moderator: Youri Desplenter, Ghent University; 60′]


17.00                          Keynote

Albert Ascoli, University of California – Berkeley

Dante and the Making of a Modern Author

[Chair: Wim Verbaal, Ghent University; 60′ – 15′ questions]


18.15                          Conference dinner



Friday, September 23

Location: Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, Gent – Room: Rector Blancquaert


09.00                          Session 1: Mysticism and Opera Omnia


Freimut Löser, University of Augsburg

Making authors: The cases of Eckhart, Tauler, and Seuse


10.15                          Coffee break



Kees Schepers, University of Antwerp

The image of the author. The 1543 Tauler edition in print and in manuscript

Thom Mertens, University of Antwerp

Hendrik Mande & collected works

[Chair: Veerle Fraeters, University of Antwerp; 25-30’/speaker – 15′ questions]


12.00                          Lunch


13.00                          Session 2: Opera Omnia in the Low Countries

Eva Vandemeulebroucke, Ghent University

Groenendaal and the construction of authorship

Veerle Fraeters, University of Antwerp

Hadewijch, from charismatic voice to authorial text

[Chair: Patricia Stoop, University of Antwerp; 25-30’/speaker – 15′ questions]


14.15                          Coffee break


14.45                          Round table discussion: Defining ‘Opera Omnia’ 

[Moderator: Frank Willaert, University of Antwerp]


15.45                          Guided Tour by Walter Prevenier: Medieval Ghent


18.00                          Drinks


Note: Presentations should be 25-30 minutes long. The official language at the conference will be English.